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Original Works

This edition features award winning, one of a kind, original hand carvings. Each piece is all wood, and has been hand-carved and hand-painted by Stacey. These works have received awards in various carving competitions. Copies of these items may be offered at a later date in reproduction or replica form. However, now, only the original piece is being offered as a one of a kind item. Please check availability for these items.

Reproduction Works

This edition features pieces that have been carefully reproduced from original hand-carved works. Each item in this edition is cast in a special resin compound, entirely done by hand. It is then individually hand-painted--capturing the full detail and quality of the original work, at a much lower price. For an additional fee, items offered in the Reproduction edition can also be done as a "Replica" in hand-carved wood.

Commissioned Works

This edition is done by special order only. If you have an idea or a particular fish (or other item) that you would like to have done as a wood carving, just contact Stacey for an estimated cost.

Carving Classes

You can learn the art of fish carving from "Expert" class carver Stacey J. Mitchell. Prices start at $225 for one day; $650 for three days; and $1,000 for five days. For personalized one-on-one carving classes contact Stacey directly.

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